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Case Manager

A nurse who specializes in helping patients and their families with organizing care in the hospital and with planning for discharge.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Nursing assistants help nurses to take vital signs, help nurses bathe patients, and help patients with non-nursing needs.


A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. Because hospitalists don’t have an outside office, their time is devoted solely to caring for patients admitted to the hospital. If a hospitalist is assigned to your care they are the leader of the care team and will work closely with other doctors involved in your care.

Nurse (RN, LVN)

Every patient has a nurse who helps care for them. The nurses make sure each patient gets excellent care, the correct medicines, and is the first person to help with questions and concerns.

Nutritionist (Dietitian)

Helps make certain that patients are getting the proper nutrition they need.

Partner in Care

Supports the patient in getting his/her personal, emotional, spiritual and other needs met. Partners in Care are often those who are the patient’s support system outside of the hospital, generally a family member or close friend. Partners in Care can be an important liaison between the patient and the rest of the care team, serving as an advocate and coach and playing a vital role in helping the patient to manage their health within and outside of the hospital.


Reviews medicines ordered by the doctors to make sure they can be safely taken together, that the dose is correct and that the medicines are made properly.


Trained to help the doctors and nurses get the blood that is needed for tests.

Physician Specialist

For each patient, there is at least one doctor. Often there are several doctors – one doctor for the patient’s main problem and other doctors to help or "consult". For example, if you had a surgery, you might have a surgeon, but another doctor may help manage your heart or your diabetes.

Physical or Occupational Therapist

Helps patients with strength and movement. 

Respiratory Therapist

Helps with breathing machines, oxygen and breathing treatments.


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