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Golden Thread of Compassionate Care


Dignity Health and our sponsoring congregations are committed to furthering our mission of healing. Our mission defines why we exist. Everything we do is dedicated to delivering compassionate, high quality, affordable health services; serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life.


To support our mission, all Dignity Health facilities are committed to excellent care and the total patient experience. At Mercy Gilbert, we realize our commitment through the Radical Loving Care philosophy and a healing environment. An environment that helps patients feel safe and comfortable, one that reminds staff why they chose healthcare as their profession, and one that not only creates a healing facility but also a healing culture.

A healing hospital is built on the ancient tradition that love is at the center of healing. Within that framework, the Golden Thread – a symbol of our faith in God – requires that we strike a balance between the latest scientific advancements and the demands of the human spirit. As healthcare providers, we are called upon to tend to our patient's heart and head. For a hospital to truly be healing, the Golden Thread must be continuous. As both healers and patients, it is the Golden Thread that connects us all.

The Healing Hospital™

The Healing Hospital™ concept embraces three key components:

    1. A healing physical environment.
      This concept takes into consideration not only how we care for patients, but also how our staff engages with families as caregivers. We have learned that by creating a loving, compassionate, and aesthetically pleasing environment, we are able to help patients and families cope with stress and illness. Mercy Gilbert Medical Center promotes a quiet environment that supports healing for patients, in addition to providing a calmer, more stress free environment for staff and physicians.

    2. The integration of work design and technology.
      The second component of a healing hospital enables the staff at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center to work more efficiently while providing additional privacy and security for patients. Utilizing the most advanced technology available today also assists in providing a healing environment.

    3. A culture of Radical Loving Care.
      The third and most critical component of a healing hospital is embracing a culture of Radical Loving Care, a philosophy championed by healthcare industry leader Erie Chapman. By embracing this philosophy, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center has developed a strong culture of compassionate care, taking healthcare workers back to their roots and reminding them why they went into healthcare. It promotes the healing of patients through a holistic approach that meets not only patient's physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Learn More About Mercy Gilbert's Healing Philosophy

For additional information about our healing culture, please contact Service Excellence at (480) 728-8310.

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