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Family Birth Center
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Family Birth Center


Giving birth is likely one of the most exciting events in your life. Mercy’s Family Birth Center wants you and your family to experience a healthy and happy beginning for a lifetime of memories.


Mercy’s Family Birth Center Features

Private Rooms

The Family Birth Center’s spacious, private rooms support your needs through every stage of birth, from labor and delivery to recovery and postpartum. Soothing decor and a relaxing atmosphere are complemented by the latest technology, including the award- winning Panda Warmer, which allows newborns to remain comfortably at their mothers bedside while it monitors the baby’s vitals, including breathing, body temperature, and weight.

The family-friendly amenities in each room include a comfortable glider rocker, private bathroom and shower, plus a sofa for lounging or sleeping visitors.

Postpartum Care

You and your baby will remain together as much as possible in your postpartum room after your recovery, as long as both of you are doing well. This promotes better bonding. Through the guidance of our skilled nurses and lactation/breastfeeding consultants or counselors, you will learn to properly feed and care for your baby. The entire Family Birth Center nursing staff has been specially trained to assist mom with breastfeeding. If both mother and baby are healthy after a natural delivery, you can expect to take your baby home one to two days after birth.

Valley Children’s Hospital NICU

Located on the same floor is a Level II nursery run by Valley Children’s Hospital. This Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides the opportunity for some families with premature babies to receive treatment closer to home. The specialized staff is dedicated to taking care of babies who require advanced medical care.

 Additional Features

  • Breastfeeding Class
  • Childbirth Preparation Class
  • Free WiFi in the Family Birth Center and throughout the hospital
  • Labor tub available upon request
  • Lactation/breastfeeding support while at the Birth Center and resources for when you go home
  • On site WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) representative
  • Our Family Birth Center is a locked secure unit—matching armbands will be placed on you, your baby and your support person. Your baby will also wear an alarm-activated umbilical monitor
  • Stork Tours
  • Surgical suites dedicated for cesarean births (C-Sections) in the Family Birth Center

For more information on our maternity services call our Family Birth Center at 209.564.5200.

Educational Resources

For a comprehensive guide on breastfeeding, tips on how to make it work for you, frequently asked questions, and benefits for your baby, read “Your Guide to Breastfeeding”. This guide is also available in Spanish,“Una guía fácil para la lactancia”.

For information on what to expect before and during your hospital stay, as well as general infant care and how to take care of yourself after giving birth, read our booklet “Taking Care of Your Baby and Yourself”. This booklet is also available in Spanish,“El cuidado de su bebé y de usted misma”.

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Don’t have an Obstetrician (OBGYN)? Use our online Find a Doctor feature.

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