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Family Medicine Residency
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Family Medicine Residency


The Dignity Health Family Medicine Residency Program at Northridge Hospital was established in 1976 and is affiliated with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Our program has a full five year ACGME accreditation and has graduated over 200 family physicians practicing in Southern California and across the nation.



As an unopposed program, we offer well-rounded curriculum and experiences. Our program is firmly committed to providing quality healthcare to the underserved and to our community outreach programs. The program supports learning through active patient care supported by ready and available physician staff mentors.

Family physician preceptors are the mainstay of teaching in the Family Practice Center and are complemented by our pediatric, obstetrical, and surgical faculty. In addition, a health educator and nutritionist provide teaching and ancillary services.

Family Medicine Residency Program ... What Makes Our Program Unique?

  • Northridge is a community hospital, but because we are in Los Angeles, and a trauma center, our patients and their illnesses are as various as those in a large teaching hospital.

  • We are part of a nonprofit community center institution that combines private practice with generous charity care for our needy patients. You will care for all patient demographics. You won't have to go to a free clinic to do community service every day.

  • Our inpatient medicine service rivals those in internal medicine, with teaching by both internists and family doctors. Each resident works one on one with an attending physician for the length of the rotation. Daily radiology rounds, work rounds, and educational rounds supplement active care in the ICU and the nursing floors.

  • The inpatient pediatrics rotation is vibrant -- and it’s right here in our community hospital. There’s no need to drive to another hospital; here at Northridge, residents care for patients on the pediatrics floor and PICU. A recent resident ran a pediatrics floor in a hospital in Haiti and was thankful for the confidence her Northridge experiences had given her.

  • Sports and musculoskeletal medicine are important parts of every resident’s experience. Our sports fellowship trained faculty member supervises sports clinics twice a week, supervises nearby high school football games on site, and leads an active didactic program. Residents work at California State University Northridge in the sports medicine department, and we are instituting a monthly OMM clinic in our Family Practice Center.

  • Our Family Medicine Residency Program is operated by Dignity Health Medical Group – Northridge Family Medicine.  Founded in 1976, many of Northridge Family Medicine’s physicians are medical school graduates, completing their specialty education and residency in family medicine.  Click here to learn more about the medical group. 

To Our Prospective Applicants and Current Residents - Congratulations! A message from our director Pamela M. Davis, MD.

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