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Building Needed Capacity Through WellSpace Health Expansion


Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Mercy Hospital of Folsom have partnered with WellSpace Health (formerly The Effort) to increase access to primary care services in the communities served by both hospitals. WellSpace Health is one five Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in the region. Under an agreement, Mercy Hospital of Folsom and Mercy San Juan Medical Center are making a $2.8 million investment in WellSpace Health over three years that will enable the organization to significantly accelerate its strategy to build three new full scope health centers in areas of the region that lack safety-net services.


In early 2013, WellSpace Health opened the first site in Rancho Cordova. This new full-scope clinic features 13 exam rooms, an onsite lab, and a pediatric dental clinic. Within 2014, WellSpace Health will have a new clinic open in Carmichael. Through a collaborative effort of outreach and education, patients utilizing the Mercy San Juan Medical Center and Mercy Hospital of Folsom Emergency Departments because they lack a primary care provider will be directed to the WellSpace Health centers.

Collaborating with WellSpace Health presents a unique opportunity that is aligned with Dignity Health's mission to care for the poor, responds to the most pressing priority of the region to build safety net capacity, and better positions both the hospitals and WellSpace Health for Health Reform in 2014. The new health centers will help change the face of the region's safety net, building capacity to serve an additional 35,000 new patients. The hospitals and WellSpace Health are now developing plans for integration, that include care coordination and technology connectivity in order to assist and monitor the health outcomes of patients.

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