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da Vinci Robotic Surgery
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da Vinci Robotic Surgery


Saint Francis Memorial Hospital offers state-of-the-art, minimally invasive da Vinci Robotic Surgery to perform gynecological and urological surgeries.


State-Of-The-Art da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System

With the da Vinci robot, surgeons perform procedures through just a few tiny incisions with unmatched precision and efficiency. The da Vinci robot features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny specialized instruments that can bend and rotate mimicking the human wrist. This means when your surgeon is performing surgery using the da Vinci robotic system, he or she are operating with unmatched vision, precision, dexterity, and control.

Physicians have used the da Vinci successfully worldwide in approximately two million surgical procedures. Although seated at a control panel, your surgeon controls the surgical instruments using computer technology. All of the surgeons performing surgery using the da Vinci system at Saint Francis are experienced and certified to use the da Vinci Si-e system.

What does minimally invasive surgery mean for patients?

  • Easier and faster recovery
  • Smaller scars
  • Considerably less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less blood loss and fewer blood transfusions

Learn more about the surgeons using the da Vinci robot at Saint Francis.

Common Procedures Where Robotic Surgery May Be Employed

Urological procedures include:

  • Cystectomy
  • Partial nephrectomy (kidney removal)
  • Prostatectomy (prostate removal)
  • Pyeloplasty

Gynecological procedures include:

  • Cervical cancer resection
  • Endometriosis resection
  • Hysterectomy (partial or complete uterus removal)
  • Ovarian cyst removal
  • Sacrocplpopexy (pelvic organ prolapse repair)Uterine cancer resection

Specialized GYN robotic surgical procedures include:

  • Abdominal cerclage
  • Cesarean scar diverticulum resection
  • Tubal re-anastomosis
  • Correction of mullerian defects

Saint Francis Robotic Surgery Profiled By Local News Media

Saint Francis robotic surgeons, Dr. David Duong and Dr. Curtis Ross were recently profiled by San Francisco’s KTVU-2 News with students from De Marillac Academy experiencing first-hand what it is like to be a surgeon. To view the segment, click on the video below:

Talk To Your Surgeon About Robotic-Assisted Surgery

For any questions about surgical services at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, please call 415.353.6220. 

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