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Anticoagulation Clinic
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    Anticoagulation Clinic


    Anticoagulant medicines are a group of medicines that inhibit blood clotting, helping to prevent blood clots. Common anticoagulant medicines include:

    • Coumadin®, Jantoven® (warfarin)
    • Lovenox® (enoxaparin)

    Why Am I On Anticoagulant Medicine?

    Anticoagulant medicines may be prescribed for a number of reasons, when there is an increased risk of blood clots. These may include:

    • Atrial fibrillation or irregular, fast heart beat
    • Heart valve replacement
    • Left ventricular dysfunction or cardiomyopathy
    • Deep vein thrombosis
    • Pulmonary embolus
    • Stroke
    • Transient ischemic attack
    • After surgery

    Your doctor will determine when anticoagulant medication is necessary.

    Antiocoagulation Services

    St. Joseph’s provides testing, monitoring and education for anticoagulation medicines. Testing is on site and the results are immediate. Because these medicines affect your blood’s ability to clot, it is very important to closely monitor the medication levels. Our team will work directly with you and your doctor to monitor your specific medication therapy.

    The clinician will test your blood for its ability to clot by checking your INR. Based on your INR score, dietary or lifestyle changes, recent illnesses, drug interactions, or other factors, the clinician then decides whether to adjust your dose of medication. After your visit, the clinician will notify your doctor of your treatment plan.

    Testing and monitoring is covered by most insurance plans.

    Contact Us

    We offer two convenient locations for anticoagulation services:  

    Family Medicine Center
    Summer Peregrin, PharmD
    To make an appointment with Dr. Peregrin, call 602-406-7846. 

    Internal Medicine Department
    Adam Balzer, ANP-C
    To make an appointment with Adam, call 602-406-2323.

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