Online ER Waiting Room

For non-life threatening emergencies, select your projected treatment time-then do most of your waiting at home.

Flex Your Health

If you're not enjoying pain-free movement and full range of motion, our orthopedic experts can help.

Our Doctors: Hello humankindness

Our doctors are at the very core of what we do, and we strive to hire the most talented, because excellence is one of the best ways we know to express humankindness.

On Health and Humanity

Technology is constantly changing the delivery of health care. But we also believe that quality health care begins with how kindly we treat each other. From CEO Lloyd Dean to all of us at Dignity Health, join us in channeling the healing power of humanity.

Find a Doctor


Choose a Dignity Health career that gives back. As a member of our team, you can champion the change we seek by joining our mission of healing.

Brain and Nervous System
Eating a Stroke-Prevention Diet: How Food Can Reduce Your Risk
Personal Health
5 Nutrition Myths Debunked