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3 Health Apps to Improve Your Quality of Life

When you're on the go, you never know when a health issue — whether minor or an emergency — will arise. It can be hard to keep track of health-related information, especially when you have multiple people to account for. Imagine, for instance, that you're dropping your kid off at a new school and the nurse needs his or her prescription information. That's where health apps can come in.

Health advancements are evolving as rapidly as technology itself, with electronic medical records and handy health apps available for use. These apps can help you track and learn about your personal health and health care to improve the prevalence of information and quality of life for you and your family. Here are a few health apps to try:

1. My Medical

My Medical provides an in-depth look at your family's health and care by storing your family's medical information, including immunization and medication records, test results, emergency contacts, health insurance, and doctors' contact information. It can also can sync with your calendar to populate upcoming appointments or tests. With the app's charting feature, you can track changes in your health over time using multiple graphs and moving averages.

2. My Medications

From the American Medical Association, My Medications records your medications, the dosage, prescriber information, your vaccination history, and any allergies you might have. If you need to share this sort of information with a health care provider or anyone else, it may be difficult to remember offhand. This is especially true if you work with several pharmacies for different medications and family members, so having access to this app is a great way to get a lot of information in one place.

3. Doctor on Demand

Sometimes you need answers to a health question, but your doctor may not be available. Doctor on Demand can provide you with a video chat or audio call with doctors who can answer your questions, give you medical advice, and calm your worries. You can't choose your doctor, so the experience is less personalized, but if you need a quick, easy answer, Doctor on Demand could help you in a pinch.

These are just some of the health apps that can be a valuable resource wherever you are, even when you can't immediately speak to your doctor. Take advantage of modern technology for the good of your health.

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