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Humankindess is something we encourage all employees and community members to engage in.

A little gesture goes a long way.
Eliza Smith shares how a small gesture can go a long way. For 3 years she has been going out every Friday with her family in what she calls “Feed a Friend Friday”.  Eliza goes out to Little Caesars Pizza not only to have some quality time with her family but also to teach her children the importance of giving. Eliza buys an abundance of extra pizza to pass out to those in need. Watch the video here

At California Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Michael Manuel helped a patient feels safe.
Dr. Michael Manuel, Gynecologic Oncologist at Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center helped a patient that came in the ER during the Holiday season feel safe. The Doctor, Nurses and Chaplain were able to make the patient feel at home and that she would be well taken care of. Watch the video here.

What is Fred's Future?
Maureen McBride is the founder of the program, “Fred’s Future”.  Fred’s Future is a legacy to her father who she lost to cancer in 1998. With over $14,500 dollars raided from Fred’s Future, Maureen uses this towards children in a similar position who have lost a parent or sibling to cancer. Watch the video here.

Dr. Sloan at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center and a guitar.
Dr. William Sloan, Physician from Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital performed a surgery on a patient who was anxious and he decided to take a unique approach. He asked his patient to bring his guitar and Dr. Sloan by listening to his patient helped the patient overcome his fear of the operation through their shared love of music. Watch the video here.

Debbie Bell makes baby blankets at St. Mary Medical Center.
Debbie Bell, patient financial worker at Dignity Health makes baby blankets for the newborn babies at the hospital. Making the blankets gives Debbie joy and knowing that the families that are need receive them makes her happy. Watch the video here.

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