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Partnership Grants to Fuel Social Innovation

Innovation has the power to transform health service delivery in ways we haven't even imagined yet. That's why Dignity Health developed the Social Innovation Partnership program, which invites outside organizations to propose new solutions-and offers them grants to make those solutions a reality.

To increase access, improve outcomes, and build effective models of coordinated service and care, Dignity Health seeks qualified partnering organizations to propose transformative approaches. The proposed project must collaborate with multiple organizations and produce effective, efficient, measurable and sustainable outcomes. 

Social Innovation Partnership Grant

Dignity Health is seeking eligible and qualified partnering organizations to implement new models of service delivery and/or transformative (e.g., technological) approaches to increase access to health, improve health outcomes, and develop, expand or replicate effective models of coordinated services. Funding will range from $50,000 to $500,000 over 24 months with a maximum award of $250,000 per year.

Who Needs Help

The target populations for this program include, but are not limited to children, families, men, women, and/or seniors who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • Have very low income at or below 50% of median area income
  • Have one or more chronic physical or behavioral health conditions
  • Are high utilizers of crisis health services
  • Lack access and resources to coordinated services
  • Lack health education

Funding Available

Grant ranges between $50,000 -$500,000 over a 24 month period.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives are as follows:

  • Increase access to health through innovation.
  • Improve health outcomes to the communities served by CommonSpirit Health hospitals (including all Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives hospitals).
  • Facilitate collaboration among organizations that bring different and unique attributes and capabilities to bear upon the project. Partnerships should include lead applicant plus two or more non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations. Lead applicant must be a 501(c)(3).
  • Engage with CommonSpirit Health staff to analyze data, strategize, and implement project.

Evaluation Requirements

Grantees will be required to produce an evaluation plan using qualitative and quantitative pre/post project data as evaluative evidence that assesses effectiveness at the end of the 12 and 24 month grant term.

Matching Fund Requirements

Grantees will be required to match 25% of the award received from Dignity Health. Matching funds may come from federal, state, or local agencies, businesses, private philanthropic organizations, or individuals.

At the time of application, applicants should demonstrate that they can match a minimum of 25% of the requested grant award in cash. The value of any in-kind goods or administrative services provided will be counted as only 10% of the match.

Sustainability Beyond Grant Period

Grantee must demonstrate sustainability. Describe what will happen to the program after the grant funds have been expended and the organization's intentions and strategy for continuing to fund, receiving commitments for inside and outside of the organization, other support for the project at the end of the grant period.

Eligibility Requirements

Type of Organization
To be eligible to apply for a Dignity Health Social Innovation Partnership Grant, the lead applicant must be an organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and exempt from taxation under section 501(a). Partner organizations can include for-profit, government, and private philanthropic organizations.

Geographic Service Area

Program/projects can be based outside of CommonSpirit Health's service area, but implementation must be in a CommonSpirit Health hospital service area(s). For information on CommonSpirit Health hospital service areas visit

Dignity Health Internal Champion

Identify and engage with a CommonSpirit Health (Dignity Health or Catholic Health Initiatives) internal champion.

Application Submission