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Our Mission

At Dignity Health, we believe research is the cornerstone of every cure. We believe research provides opportunity – an opportunity to improve quality of life, an opportunity to improve health care for the next generation, an opportunity to find a cure. And we believe that connecting people and our patients with that opportunity is a basic tenet of humankindness. We celebrate our clinical research communities, network with peers, and collaborate on shaping Dignity Health’s research mission and vision across the enterprise.

Our Research Priorities

• Multi-Site Clinical Trials

• Local and Large-Scale Data Research

• Technology and Innovation Research Partnerships with Industry & Academia

• Medical Resident Initiated Research (Dignity Health Teaching Facilities)

• Medical Staff/Physician Investigator Initiated Research

• Nurse/Nursing Initiated Research

• Non-Medical Resident/Student Initiated Research

Our Services


Understanding Clinical Trials

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Our Team

Administration DHRI CA/NV

Mary Rydman, Director


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Mary Oates, MD, Medical Director

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Dignity Health Research Centers of Excellence

In addition to supporting and providing clinical trial opportunities to our patients across our community hospital and clinic enterprise Dignity Health is home to many research centers of excellence. Click on the links below to learn more about these programs: 

Barrow Neurological Institute

Dignity Health Nursing Research

Northern California Neurological Institute

DHRI Investigator Directory

Dignity Health is home to an entire research community of physician investigators, scientists, clinicians and health sciences students dedicated to the cause of clinical research, innovation and discovery. Please contact DHRI for more information about our research investigators while we develop an online resource to learn more our investigators and clinical areas of focus.

How Research is Approved at Dignity Health


This process is followed when the research endeavor requires:
• Access to Dignity Health patient data
• Access to and/or interactions with Dignity Health patients
• Access to and/or interactions with Dignity Health employees/medical staff
• Access to Dignity Health services to carry out the research
• Access to and use of Dignity Health campuses/facilities to carry out the research