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How Research is Approved at Dignity Health



This process is followed when the research endeavor requires:
• Access to Dignity Health patient data
• Access to and/or interactions with Dignity Health patients
• Access to and/or interactions with Dignity Health employees/medical staff
• Access to Dignity Health services to carry out the research
• Access to and use of Dignity Health campuses/facilities to carry out the research

Research Sites & Networks

Dignity Health is host to a large network of hospitals, clinics and clinical service line focused research programs.The interactive map below is a resource for you to learn more about our research sites, our research teams and their clinical research focus.

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Investigatory Network

Dignity Health is home to an entire research community of physician investigators, scientists, clinicians and health sciences students dedicated to the cause of clinical research, innovation and discovery. Please contact DHRI for more information about our research investigators while we develop an online resource to learn more our investigators and clinical areas of focus. 

Patient Populations & Demographics

Dignity Health serves a very large and diverse patient population which makes Dignity Health an attractive institution to engage and partner around clinical research, innovation and discovery on a broad range of health care topics. Please contact DHRI for more information while we develop an online resource to share more about our patient populations and demographics. 

Institutional Review Board

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee charged with protecting the rights and welfare of people participating in research activities. The IRB reviews and approves research applications involving human subjects, provides ongoing oversight to ensure regulatory compliance, and assures that the risks to research subjects are minimized and participation by these subjects is done so on a voluntary, informed basis. Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Office for Human Research Protections set the guidelines and regulations governing human subjects research and establish the authority granted to the IRB. The IRB highly encourages all investigators, coordinators, sponsors and research volunteers to contact the IRB for questions, advice or concerns at any time. Any questions, concerns or suggestions will be responded to in a confidential and professional manner.


Partnerships with Industry
Dignity Health would not be able to offer as many clinical trial opportunities to our patients as we do without our industry partners that work with DHRI, our physicians and research teams to offer drug, device and other multi-site national clinical trials.Please contact DHRI for more information about our industry research partners or becoming an industry research partner with Dignity Health. 
Partnerships with Academic Institutions
While Dignity Health’s primary mission is to focus on our general community health care needs we very much desire to work with academic institutions when such research meets our mission and we have the necessary resources in place for successful research collaborations. Please contact DHRI for more information about our academic research partners or becoming an academic research partner with Dignity Health. . 
Partnerships with Federal Agencies
Dignity Health participates in many federally funded multi-site clinical trials and other research endeavors funded by federal grants awarded to Dignity Health and/or our academic partners that work with Dignity Health investigators and research teams. Please contact DHRI for more information about our federally funded clinical trials, research programs and/ or learning more about how to obtain federal funding for a new clinical research endeavor.