Global Academy

After more than a century of experience, we’ve learned that modern medicine is most effective when it’s delivered with understanding and compassion. Our goal is to share this experience with hospital executives from countries throughout the world. One way we do this is through our Global Academy.

Leadership Development

As part of our academy, we focus on four different areas:

1. Leading Self: We focus on the individual health care leader – getting in touch with your own style, values, and purpose is the first step toward effective leadership. Topics include: leadership style, executive presence, strategic planning, strategy execution, goal setting, professional network development.

2. Leading People: We explore leadership practices to effectively lead a team of people and multiple teams of people. Topics include: delivering an inspiring vision, articulating a people strategy, facilitative leadership style, employee engagement, strategic versus tactical balance.

3. Leading Change: We address the larger context of change and examine current change management models for both effective and ineffective components. Topics include: change models, crafting a change strategy, coaching people through emotions of change, articulating a larger vision.

4. Leading an Organization: We translate personal leadership into strategies for leading larger teams of people and the entire organization, exploring the mindset and practices needed to effectively lead at an executive level. Topics include: articulating your leadership vision, strategy, goals and planning for the future.

Course Curriculum

Program duration may vary but may be as long as 18 weeks. The program includes rounding, shadowing, observation of simulation labs, attendance at hospital and leadership meetings, and more. Curriculum will address:

  • Executive roles, including CEO/CMO responsibilities, medical staff bylaws, and hospital leadership
  • Service lines, including neurosciences, lung transplants, and oncology
  • Operations, including nursing, utilization management, pharmacy, laboratory, imaging, and rehabilitation
  • Quality efforts, including The Joint Commission, performance improvement, electronic medical records, and credentialing/privileging
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