Partnership Opportunities

Dignity Health International (DHI) partnership opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Education Programs

  • Starting with clinical education for physicians and nurses, the program offers online and in-person short term modules and certification courses. The focus will be around Neuroscience, Orthopedics and Cardiovascular Services, and expanding to other service lines with time.
  • Health care management leadership development for managers and administrators.
  • Other clinical disciplines (in addition to physician and nursing) education and training.

Health Services Development and Management

  • Leveraging on Dignity Health’s expertise in hospital and health services management, DHI will conduct market assessments, complete feasibility studies, and develop operation designs and implementations for:
    • Clinical service lines development
    • New hospital development
    • Integrated delivery network planning and development

Internet Hospital/Telehealth

  • Collaborating with Dignity Health’s Innovation Group, DHI brings co-consults and e-visits opportunities (Meridian, More Health, Dignity Health Telemedicine Network) for:
    • Second opinions
    • Post hospital follow ups
    • Rehabilitation
    • Chronic disease management
    • Community/population health
    • Urgent and emergent access to specialty physicians for acute stroke, cardiac events, mental health episodes and other conditions that require timely attention.

Telehealth can be used as a stand-alone tool (e.g. for co-consults), or as part of a larger platform (e.g. in integrated delivery networks to improve the health of a community).

R&D + Technology Innovations

Dignity Health continues to be a leader in health care by collaborating with innovators to develop, test and foster ideas into ground breaking discoveries and products that enhances care, improves access and is consistent with our mission.

As the opportunity arises, DHI will serve as a clinical partner for technology/medical providers to foster products and services available within Dignity Health or to develop and advance their innovative ideas. Two areas of technology innovations available through Dignity Health are related to care of oncology patients.

The goal of Precision Medicine Alliance (PMA) Oncology Vision is to build sustainable genomics-guided oncology solutions that enable a higher level of care in our communities that will:

  • Deliver community access to testing
  • Provide education and decision support in data-driven clinical guidance
  • Facilitate test data into context with clinical data workflows
  • Create opportunities for specialty pharmacy benefit
  • Connect data to appropriate clinical trials that bring treatment options to the patients in our facilities
  • Allow greater transparency and cooperation of diagnostic workflow
  • Set foundation for innovation in diagnostics and patient data workflows (i.e. liquid biopsies)

Oncoverse LLC, is a digital health platform designed to enable the patient’s care team to collaborate in real-time and allow clinicians across all disciplines to work together to determine the most effective treatment plan for cancer patients. Complex cancer cases often need input from multiple specialists who have challenging schedules. The ability for physicians to collaborate asynchronously with all of the patient data at your fingertips provides the prescribing physician with comfort that his/her patient is getting the best possible treatment.