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About Dignity Health Research Institute (DHRI)

Our Mission

At Dignity Health we believe that research is the cornerstone of every cure and supporting our clinical research enterprise is one vital way Dignity Health’s commitment to excellence in patient care is brought to life. DHRI provides start-to-finish clinical research services, resources and clinical trials oversight to all facilities engaged in research with a primary focus on the following research activities:

Our Research Focus

• Multi-Site Clinical Trials

• Local and Large-Scale Data Research

•Technology and Innovation Research Partnerships with Industry & Academia

• Medical Staff/Physician Investigator Initiated Research

• Medical Resident Initiated Research (Dignity Health Teaching Facilities)

• Nurse/Nursing Initiated Research

• Health Sciences / Student Initiated Research (Non-Medical Resident)

Please see the links and resources below for Dignity Health for additional information about our services. For further questions please contact DHRI at 916-851-2283 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Our Services

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