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Are your kids constantly glued to their digital devices? If they can't pry themselves away from tablets and smartphones, it's time to intervene with some creative physical activity for kids.

No matter your age, using technology for extended periods can be harmful if not balanced with enough physical fitness. It can lead to weight gain, bad posture, and poor health habits in general. Fortunately, getting your kids moving doesn't have to be a big, complicated production. By simply helping them be a little more active each day, you'll have a positive impact on their physical and emotional state, and ultimately their lives.

You don't have to enforce a complete digital detox, but you can show your kids ways to have fun that aren't so sedentary. Check out these ideas to help your child achieve a healthy balance.

Limit Screen Time

The most effective way to wean your kids off electronics is to remove the temptation altogether. Designate certain days or times as screen-free, and choose an energetic activity to take its place. Keep jump ropes, balls, and other toys and games handy so your kids won't automatically reach for the smartphone. As your new screen-free schedule becomes the norm, your kids will be more apt to choose a physical activity over a virtual one.

Small Victories

Squeeze in active playtime throughout the day. Fit in a mini workout when the family is sorting laundry or walking the dog. Make it a point to take some time each week for a leisurely activity, such as a game of Frisbee or catch after dinner. Don't hesitate to turn a few free moments into a chance to get up and move around.

Walk, Run, Skip, and Jump

There's more than one way to get where you need to go. Try biking, rollerblading, scootering, or skateboarding around the neighborhood while doing errands or even on the way to school. There's virtually no end to the creative ways you and your family can get around.

Of course, you won't always be able to refrain from driving. If another form of transportation is totally inconvenient, find other ways to compensate for all that time spent in the car. Perhaps you can drive partway to your destination and walk the remaining distance, or park in a far-off spot to get more exercise.

You can also make chores fun, and find adventures outside. What else can you do to help keep your kids healthy and active?

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