Introducing Destination Medicine

Whether you come to Dignity Health St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center and our affiliated service locations from another country, another state or another part of Arizona, participating in our Destination Medicine Program is a great choice for health care. That’s because we provide access to world-class medical expertise, technology, procedures and healing. And smooth out challenges like travel, insurance coverage and even language. Our Destination Medicine Navigator is your first and main point of contact for: care coordination, clinical services, financial arrangements, travel itinerary and accommodation requests. Throughout every step on your healing journey, you have our commitment to making the entire process of receiving care supportive and effective. That’s what humankindness is all about.

Call to speak with a Destination Medicine Navigator: 602.406.6293


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Destination Medicine Premier Services

Pelvic Pain

Dedicated to solving complex gynecologic issues


Start living the life you want


Cutting-edge preventive care, diagnostic and surgical services.

Liver Disease and Transplantation

Offering a whole-body approach to liver disease.

Norton Thoracic Institute

Treating individuals with diseases of the lungs, chest, diaphragm, mediastinum or esophagus

UACC at St. Joseph's

Cancer treatments built around you

Coming From Outside of Phoenix?

If you are coming to Dignity Health St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center and our affiliated service locations for our Destination Medicine Program, we want you to feel right at home in the greater Phoenix area. Our interdisciplinary team is ready to assist you prior to, during, and after your arrival.

A Destination Medicine Navigator will be on hand to help you with details associated with coming from out of town whether you’re two hours, two states, or a nonstop flight away. That includes providing guidance on:

  • Coordination of care, financial arrangements, and appointments you may have during your stay
  • Hotel and/or lodging options in the area
  • Transportation options to and from the hospital

We’re providing world-class care in Bariatrics, Cardiology, Gynecology, Lung Transplants, Esophageal Disease Treatments, Oncology, and Thoracic medicine, as well as Neurologic conditions. And we’re welcoming visitors from around the world, throughout the United States, and all over Arizona for our humankindness, quality, affordability, and care without compromise.

Please contact a Destination Medicine Navigator to begin the process of seeking care for any of the above health care services or working through travel-related questions.


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