Heart Health Organization

Meet the team of 30 doctors representing 15 separate practices specializing in a variety of cardiovascular services at Chandler Regional. Heart Health Organization (H2O) represents interventional and non-interventional cardiology services, electrophysiology (EP) services, and cardiovascular surgery at Chandler Regional. H20 has come together with a fresh approach to care focusing on better communication and coordination of care plans for patients.

The Heart of the Matter

The partnership of cardiovascular specialists came together in March 2013. Chandler Regional spoke with Roger Bies, M.D. and other cardiologists about forming an alliance, partly in response to provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

H2O is the only group in Phoenix offering in-hospital coverage by attending heart doctors with years of experience to immediately diagnose and treat cardiac patients. All 30 doctors can demonstrate recognition as leaders in their areas of expertise. They follow guideline-based ‘best practice’ treatment plans for a variety of heart diseases ensuring consistent quality and effective care delivery.

Around The Clock Care

Patients experiencing a cardiac episode will have access to an in-house cardiologist from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and emergency room on-call cardiologist from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., seven days per week. Typically, when patients go to a hospital emergency room an evaluation is done and treatment begins with the emergency medicine doctor on duty while waiting for the on-call cardiologist to arrive at the hospital. Chandler Regional administrators and doctors understand there is a more efficient way to care for our patients.

Improving Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes

Patients at Chandler Regional are already benefitting from the effective collaboration of several doctors sharing thoughts and ideas on treatment options. H2O has set goals to improve patient satisfaction by minimizing radiation and kidney problems from imaging tests resulting in a reduction of unneeded admissions and delays in appropriate care.

There have been fewer heart re-operations than in the top 10 percent of hospitals nationally. Among heart attack patients, 100 percent receive treatment within 90 minutes of arrival to an emergency department, the nation’s top benchmark. Patients suffering from heart attacks or heart failure experience fewer complications and fewer readmissions than in the majority of U.S. hospitals.

Heart patients who went to Chandler Regional have a satisfaction average of 94.5 out of 100 which is higher than the national benchmark of 92.9.