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Volunteer Confidentiality, Safety, Infection & Security Post-Test 2018

a. Patient Name
b. Patient Address
c. Insurance Information
d. Driver's License Number
a. True
b. False
a. True
b. False
a. True
b. False
a. Running around in circles is extra fun
b. Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish
c. Rush, Alarm, Control, Extinguish
a. Pull, Aim, Squish, Spray
b. Push, Aim, Squirt, Sweep
c. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
a. True
b. False
a. Hand Washing -Gel in and Gel out
b. Keep a Kleenex in your pocket
c. Eat an orange
a. Take it home and discard it
b. Put it in the nearest locked shred bin
c. Put it in the nearest trash can
Cardiac Arrest
Child Abduction
Cardiac Arrest
Abducted Child or Infant
Breast Cancer Awareness
Burst Water Pipe
Patient Elopement
Senior Citizens
Weapon or Hostage Situation
Positive EKG
Missing Patient
Combative Person
Incomplete Charts
Hospital loses power
Bus accident on the 202
a. The Security Team
b. The Volunteers
c. The Nursing Staff
d. CEO Mark Slyter
e. All of the above
a. Never
b. When asked by an RN
c. After Washing hands
a. True
b. False
a. Entering in and out of a patient room
b. After going to the restroom
c. After sneezing or coughing
d. After removing gloves
e. All of the above
a. True
b. False
a. True
b. False
a. The Jamming Concert Band
c. The Volunteers
d. The Joint Commission
a. True
b. False
a. Popping wheelies
b. The brakes
c. Inflating the tires
a. True
b. False
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