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Fulfilling Our Mission

Community Outreach. Education. Advocacy.

Establishing partnerships in the community to improve health.

Community Benefit & Outreach

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Supporting you in meaningful, measurable ways.

Benefits Reports

At Mercy Gilbert, we fulfill our mission by investing in community outreach and educational programs; participating in advocacy efforts; and establishing partnerships in the community to improve health.

Community Grants Program

Every Dignity Health hospital conducts a community health assessment to identify strategic priorities.

Early Childhood Oral Health

The Early Childhood Oral Health Program is grant funded through First Things First, also known as the Tobacco Tax, and provides the following free services in the East Valley.

Sponsorship Request Application

We receive many requests for financial sponsorships. While supportive in spirit of all approaches that encourage positive community improvements, we are limited in providing financial support to projects we view as most closely aligned with our core mission and values.

Health Outreach for Babies, Kids, and Everyone

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Sunday, January 31, 2021