CME Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) requiring the use of a Financial Disclosure Slide for CME activities?
The use of a financial disclosure slide demonstrates our commitment to comply with full faculty disclosure requirements. This mechanism informs our learners if such a relationship exists, or no relationships have been identified. The information is communicated to the learner prior to the educational activity.

What is the difference between Category 1 and Category 2 CME credit?
Category 1 credit can only be granted by an accredited provider. Physicians must have a certificate or transcript from the provider showing the credit. Category 2 credit can be claimed for any educational activity that is not sponsored for Category 1 credit. Organizations do not grant Category 2 credit. The physician must track their own Category 2 credit activities.

What activities does Dignity Health sponsor for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit ™?
We sponsor one-time and annual live activities and regularly scheduled series (such as Grand Rounds and M&M Conferences).

My application was accepted. What happens now?
A program manager for the Office of CME will meet with you to guide you through the CME requirements.

Is there a lot of paperwork involved in getting CME credit?
We strive to make the CME application process as streamlined as possible. The Office of CME staff will guide you through the process to meet all of our regulatory requirements.

What will I receive to document the credit I have earned?
Once we have confirmed your attendance at a CME activity, we will capture it in our CME database for six years. In order to receive a transcript of your attendance, contact the Office of CME with your full name, date range for your transcript and your contact information. We will send your official CME transcript within five business days of receipt of request.

Can I watch a Dignity Health video and obtain CME credit?
Recorded CME activities are referred to as Enduring Materials. We currently do not award CME credit for review of Enduring Materials but hope to provide this service in the future.

How should I register for a conference?
Most activities do not require pre-registration. Check the Class Listing section to see if pre-registration is required. A registration link will be listed.