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Alexandria Lucas, MD

Dr. Alexandra Lucas 

Alexandria Lucas, MD moved to the University of Florida in 2006 from Canada where she trained at McGill University and the Universities of Alberta and Western Ontario. Dr. Lucas moved from the John P. Robarts’ Research Institute and University of Western Ontario in London, ON, Canada, where she has been a full tenured professor and principal investigator studying inflammation in vascular disease and transplantation.

More recently Dr. Lucas’s research group has examined the roles of serine protease inhibitors (serpins) as well as the glyocalyx and chemokines in transplant vasculoapthy. This work has led to studies on the roles of serpins and glycosaminoglycans both as mediators and as potential therapeutic targets in transplant rejection, as well as in acute inflammatory viral hemorrhagic fevers, severe inflammatory vasculitic syndromes, and  in aggressive pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Lucas is a co-inventor and co-founding scientist for  a small Canadian biotechnology company that  successfully completed a clinical trial analyzing the  anti-inflammatory serpin, a purified protein therapeutic, as a new class of therapeutic agent.  Dr. Lucas is a interventional cardiologist, running an active basic research lab in vascular inflammatory research with over 127 papers and reviews and with over 18 patents published. She has held AHA and NIH funding.

Dr. Lucas has been an active member of the Canadian Society for Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Board, served as Editor-in-Chief for two journals, is on the editorial board for several journals, reviews for the AHA and for the NIH, and serves on an American Heart Association grant panel. She also is a co-director for an annual medical mission to Fort Liberté in Haiti.