Cancer Biology Seminar

The Cancer Biology Seminar is designed to expose local high school students and teachers to a variety of topics pertaining to cancer biology, the process of scientific discovery, the excitement of research, and the potential for careers in science. This seminar is held twice a year in the spring.

The Seminar provides an opportunity for 160 students and accompanying teachers from over 100 high schools in the area to participate in our 4-hour Cancer Biology Seminar. Students and teachers receive a fifty page syllabus written by the faculty of the Neuro-Oncology Research Laboratory which supplements the seminar. The program consists of a one hour lecture on cancer biology and research by Dr. Adrienne C. Scheck, laboratory tours and student presentations.
Tours of the Neurology Research laboratories are conducted by faculty, research technicians, and undergraduate and high school students, currently working on a number of neurological diseases. The tours allow small groups of students to interact with physicians, scientists, medical, undergraduate and graduate students. Their questions range over an infinite variety of topics from the latest scientific discovery, to what it takes to become a scientist. They show what a working research laboratory is like, and they answer questions about their research, the laboratory environment, their role in the laboratory and their occupation as a career opportunity. The program includes a presentation by one of our high school students, detailing their research project.

Cancer Biology Seminar for High School Students 

Information and registration materials are sent to High School Honors or Advanced Placement Biology Teachers in late January or early February. Students that have a knowledge of basic biological principals are encouraged to attend.

This program is made possible through donations from corporate, foundation and individual donors. For additional information, or to contribute to the Scientific Enrichment Program for Students, please call (602) 406-4092.