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Patti Thorn, PhD

Patti M. Thorn, PhD, PCC is an Education Specialist in the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, an Academic Success Consultant for Creighton University School of Medicine, Department of Student Affairs and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at Creighton University School of Medicine. She is also a certified, Professional Life and Well-Being Coach.

Patti Thorn, PhDDr. Thorn works across the medical education continuum with a continuous focus on improving educational practices and outcomes. She works collaboratively with medical students, residents, faculty, and administrative leaders to create comprehensive and integrated competency-aligned curricula, conferences, and assessments. She uses evidence-based practice to collect learning and impact data so that existing venues for medical education are undergoing continuous improvement and new venues are being created and evaluated for impact on medical learning and patient care.

While at St. Joseph's, Dr. Thorn has partnered and collaborated with a wide variety of faculty and community professionals to introduce innovative and learner-centered education including: an annual, competency-aligned resident leadership training experience, a “Fresh Perspectives” Art and Medicine curriculum, an Individualized Learning Plan and Self-Directed Learning Project, and a variety of seminar series including Resident Well-Being, Debates in Medicine, Compassionate Care, Coaching Skills for Physicians, and Resident Transitions to Practice. Dr. Thorn’s current educational research includes the Client Aligned to Community and Hospital (CATCH) project and Trainee and Practitioner Well-Being.

Dr. Thorn is a public member of the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review Council and a Board Member (VP Education) for the Phoenix Chapter of the Internal Coaching Federation. She completed a BS in Microbiology from Oregon State University, an MS in Biology from the University of Dayton, and an interdisciplinary PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in educational psychology, science education, and biology. She has worked over the course of her career in private, public, and nonprofit sectors— always with a continuous focus on improving educational practices.