Current PGY1 Residents

E-mail: [email protected]

Hometown: Saudi Arabia

School of Pharmacy: Ohio Northern University 

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Ambulatory Care

Hobbies: Sports (soccer, volleyball); Outdoor activities

Research Project: Management of antiplatelet therapy post off-pump coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) in patients with concomitant therapeutic indications for oral anticoagulation (MATCHA)

What attracted you to the SJHMC? The SJHMC Residency Program has many appealing components. The variety of rotations offered in different pharmacy practice settings in addition to SJHMC having a level I trauma center make for an intellectually challenging environment that fosters personal and professional growth by providing its residents exposure to a wide range of patient populations. The welcoming environment was the cherry on top that influenced my decision to rank SJHMC as my number one pick.

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Hometown: Chico, California

School of Pharmacy: Touro University California

Professional Interests: Oncology, Pain Management, Internal Medicine 

Hobbies: Hiking, reading

Research Project: Prospective Evaluation of Hospital Admissions for Cancer Patients Receiving Recent Outpatient Chemotherapy

What attracted you to the SJHMC? I was attracted to St Joe’s residency for several reasons however, the diversity of inpatient experiences, the strength of the preceptors and the kindness of the staff shone through the brightest.  As a student, I was interested in pursuing a primarily acute care focused residency and St Joe’s offered a plethora of rotations in areas I liked as a student, and ones I had yet to experience.  Further, as I learned about the program I was impressed by the credentials of the preceptors and pleased to see that most(if not all) are PGY2 trained and/or board certified in their respective rotations.  I knew I would get a strong, well rounded inpatient PGY1 experience. Lastly, all the mentors and teachers at St Joe’s are kind and fiercely invested in the development of their residents.  The preceptors and RPD are dedicated to helping residents achieve their goals whether that means PGY2 or the job of your dreams.  I could not be happier that I have the opportunity to train at this institution. 

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Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

School of Pharmacy: University of Arizona

Professional Interests: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine

Hobbies: Hiking, trying new restaurants, concerts, and traveling

Research Project: Seizure Prophylaxis with Keppra in Mild or Moderate TBI

What attracted you to the SJHMC? What first attracted me to SJHMC was their wide variety of rotation offerings, allowing me the opportunity to explore a few different subsets of critical care which is a primary interest of mine, while also allowing me to explore other areas of medicine like Emergency Medicine and Neurology. I was also drawn in by their longitudinal programs like the Research Development Series and their Professional Development Series which emphasized their commitment to producing well rounded pharmacists who could leave the residency program well-equipped for the next phase of their career. Ultimately, it was my interaction with the RPD and the preceptors that sealed the deal; their commitment to our growth and development was apparent from the very beginning and it made SJHMC an easy pick for my top choice.

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Hometown: Mesa, Arizona 

School of Pharmacy: Midwestern University 

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine and Critical Care 

Hobbies: Lifting weights at the gym and baking

Research Project: Outcomes in patients admitted to the hospital following outpatient treatment failure for coccidioidomycosis

What attracted you to the SJHMC? I was initially attracted to SJHMC because it offered strong critical care and emergency medicine rotations. Shortly after, I realized this program also offers unique experiences such as transplant, neurology, and nephrology that would assist me in becoming a more well-rounded pharmacist. I appreciated that SJHMC is a large teaching hospital where I would have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of health care providers. Ultimately, my decision to select SJHMC was solidified after I met with the clinical pharmacists and residency preceptors. They truly are dedicated to the growth of each resident and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure their residents achieve greatness.

E-mail: [email protected]

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

School of Pharmacy: University of Arizona 

Professional Interests: Oncology and Cardiology

Hobbies: watching movies and spending time with family

Research Project: Comparative effectiveness of injectable calcitonin in the treatment of hypercalcemia of malignancy pre and post implementation of a restrictive protocol using IBW dosing. 

What attracted you to the SJHMC? I was first attracted to the SJHMC residency program because it offered rotations that aligned with my interests such as oncology and cardiology. I also had the opportunity to complete two of my APPE rotations at SJHMC. I was able to see first hand the support the residents got from their preceptors and staff pharmacists. I not only wanted a program that would challenge me to grow professionally, but I also wanted a program that would be supportive and also help me grow personally. It was the supportive culture and the multiple opportunities to practice in my field of interest that drew me to SJHMC.