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Current PGY1 Residents

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Sophia Bonnin, PharmD 

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Hometown: San Jose, CA

  • School of Pharmacy: Midwestern University- College of Pharmacy Glendale, AZ

  • Professional Interests: Infectious Diseases, Critical Care, Cardiology

  • Residency Research Project: Evaluation of two hydrocortisone dosing strategies, 50mg IV q6 hours and 100mg IV q8 hours, for comparative time to reversal of septic shock 

  • What attracted you to the SJHMC Residency program? THE PEOPLE! The program is amazing with so many opportunities to experience as a resident, the staff is the cherry on top.

Jessica Hunt, PharmD 

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Hometown: Greybull, WY

  • School of Pharmacy: University of Wyoming

  • Professional Interests: Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Transplant, Neurology

  • Residency Research Project: Optimal CMV prophylaxis regimens in lung transplant patients: retrospective analysis of patient outcomes pre and post protocol dosing alterations

  • What attracted you to the SJHMC Residency program? The wide breadth of rotations available to allow the opportunity to explore potential PGY2 focus areas. As a large academic teaching hospital, there is also ample opportunity to learn from and make connections with healthcare professionals throughout the medical community. 

Michelle Ting, PharmD

  • E-mail: [email protected] 

  • Hometown: Parsippany, NJ

  • School of Pharmacy: Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

  • Professional Interests: Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

  • Residency Research Project: Susceptibilities of respiratory isolates in trauma patients diagnosed with pneumonia within the first seven days of hospital admission

  • What attracted you to the SJHMC Residency program? I ranked St. Joe's as my top choice because as a large academic medical center, the program has strong core rotations as well as unique elective experiences like transplant, trauma, and oncology. I also knew that by being at a level I trauma center, I would be exposed to a wide variety of complex patient cases. With the pharmacy-friendly medical teams and numerous pharmacy-driven protocols, this program develops strong clinical skills while also offering many opportunities in teaching, research, and administrative projects; I felt confident that this program would help me become a well-rounded pharmacist. All of this, combined with the strong mentorship from experienced and passionate preceptors, is what led me to St. Joe's.

Kara Fifer, PharmD

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Hometown: New Lenox, IL

  • School of Pharmacy: Butler University, Indianapolis

  • Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Neurology

  • Residency Research Project: Effects of general anesthesia versus conscious sedation on neurologic outcomes among ischemic stroke patients undergoing endovascular thrombectomy more than 6 hours after symptom onset 

  • What attracted you to the SJHMC Residency program?  I looked for programs that were at academic teaching institutions as well as level 1 trauma centers, knowing that Emergency Medicine was my largest area of interest. SJHMC was advertising a personalized post graduate education opportunity as opposed to a standardized one that was common with so many other programs. It is important to me to be able to accomplish my own educational goals, and St. Joe’s has yet to disappoint. Any area of interest is available for me to get involved in, whether it be on rotation, through committee participation, or even tailoring my various residency projects to those areas. During my interview, it was apparent that the preceptors were solely interested in my success as a resident, and they have been nothing but helpful in training and mentoring since I have been here. Having the opportunity to work collaboratively with the various other healthcare professionals really gives me the chance as a pharmacist to make an impact on patients at St. Joe’s, which I think should be the overreaching goal for any institution.