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How Does It Work?

How Does the Second Opinion Program Work?

What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is a brief statement made by a physician regarding a diagnosis or proposed procedure that you have already been given.

Please note that a second opinion is not intended to take the place of an in-office consult or full cardiology examination. Rather, its purpose is simply to offer agreement or disagreement about a proposed diagnosis or treatment. 

Step 1: Fill Out the Questionnaire

Please complete the online questionnaire to find out if you are a candidate or qualify for a procedure based on your diagnoses and survey responses.  After you complete the initial form, you may be contacted for other information to help with our review.  Any information you provide will be shared only with our physicians and clinical staff at St. Joseph’s.

Step 2: Get Answers in 24-48 hours

After we receive your questionnaire we will contact you for next steps which may include further appointments..  We will review your materials and formulate a treatment plan. Once done, we will contact you with our second opinion recommendation treatment plan. 

You are not obligated to pursue our recommended course of treatment at St. Joseph’s or any other institution. If, however, you would like to inquire about a referral, please call 602.406.4000. 

What will my second opinion look like?

Your second opinion will arrive as a .pdf file. It will contain a short statement from one of our cardiologists explaining why he agrees or disagrees with the diagnosis or treatment options you have been offered. He may also suggest some other treatment options.

What Not to Expect

Our cardiologists will base your second opinion on your your description of your symptoms along with any other information you may be asked to provide. They are able to base their opinion solely on the materials you provide.

 You should not expect an in-depth and lengthy explanation of your diagnosis as you would during a face-to-face consult. Rather, our cardiologist will express his opinion on your diagnosis or proposed treatment and offer some brief guidance regarding what your next steps should be.