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Lung Transplant Surgery

Lung transplantation is among the most complicated surgical procedures. Fortunately, at St. Joseph’s, you are in the very best hands. Our surgeons are well known for their expertise in lung transplant surgery, performing close to 500 lung transplants since St. Joseph’s began the program in 2007.

Lung Transplant Procedure

Your surgery will take place in a dedicated thoracic surgical operating room with specialized anesthesia and nursing staff.

The lung transplant surgery takes from four to six hours, depending on if it is a single or double lung transplant. Additional time may be required if you have had prior chest surgery. You will be under general anesthesia during the entire procedure. Some patients may also require cardiopulmonary bypass during the surgery, which sends blood and oxygen to your body during the procedure.

For a single lung transplant, your surgeon will make a single incision on one side of the chest. For a double lung transplant, the incision may be across the entire chest. One or both of your lungs will be removed. The blood vessels and airway of the new lung(s) will be attached to your body’s blood vessels and airway.

Lastly, the new lung(s) will be secured into place. The incision will be closed with sutures or surgical staples and a bandage or dressing will be placed on the incision site. The majority of lung replacement procedures at our center are double lung transplants. 

After your surgery is completed, our staff members will explain the next course of action and outpatient care available at St. Joseph’s.

Learn More About  Lung Transplant Surgery at St. Joseph’s

For more information on lung transplant surgery, please call (602) 406-8000

After hours and holidays, please call (602) 406-4000 and ask for the lung transplant coordinator on-call.