Photo Gallery

A neurorehab patient takes an outing to the SpoFit recreation center to play basketball.

Patients have access to St. Joseph's healing garden for outside physical therapy.

A neurorehab patient works with his occupational therapist to re-learn skills, such as 
eating, to increase his independence.

The gym at the inpatient neurorehabilitation center. Tables can be brought down from 
the ceiling at any time, or lifted for extra floor space for activities and therapy.

A patient meets with a peer mentor through the Barrow Connection Program.

An empty room in the inpatient neurorehabilitation center. Patients may stay with us for
a few days to several weeks.

A nurse discusses diabetes management with a patient. While patients may stay for 
neuro-related rehabilitation, our team of medical professionals work with each patient to
maximize their health and healing.

A patient practices walking in the 3rd Avenue Bridge, with help from his family. Our 
team believes in a patient and family-centered approach to care, with active participation
from friends and family, when possible.

A patient plays his guitar in the waiting room in the inpatient neurorehab center.

Pet therapy is used often at St. Joseph's, in both inpatient and outpatient rehab programs.

The Arizona Cardinals visited with rehab patients and one patient shows off his 
throwing skills.

A NASA astronaut visited rehab patients, and discussed how certain equipment used 
with patients is similar to equipment astronauts use.