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Know Your Cancer Risk

When it comes to cancer, screening and early detection is the best form of prevention. Take a FREE cancer assessment by selecting the appropriate link below. This online tool provides personalized information that will help you know your individual, specific risks. Results are strictly confidential. 

Take one of our health risk assessments and learn your personal risk of developing cancer:

Breast Cancer Assessment

Facing any cancer diagnosis is tough, but breast cancer when detected early can lead to better outcomes. Take our free breast cancer risk assessment to estimate your risk.

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Colorectal Cancer Assessment

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Arizona. Complete our free colorectal cancer risk assessment to estimate your personal risk of developing colon and rectal cancer and learn what actions to take if you are found at risk.

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Lung Cancer Assessment

Lung cancer causes more deaths than breast, colon and liver cancer combined, but early detection can help. Take our free lung cancer risk assessment to help you identify your risk factors for lung cancer.

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