Pelvic Pain and Gynecologic Surgery

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St. Joseph’s Division of Surgery and Pelvic Pain in Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to pelvic pain treatment and advanced gynecologic surgery.

Our gynecologic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions leading to chronic pelvic pain in women—especially complicated diagnoses that require advanced surgical procedures. 

Find A Pelvic Pain Specialist

To find a pelvic pain specialist, please call 602.406.7564.

Minimally Invasive Surgery For Pelvic Pain

As specialists in their field, our surgeons can perform gynecologic procedures using minimally invasive approaches, such as laparoscopy or daVinci robot, which can result in:

  • Shorter hospital stay (one day in most cases versus 3-5)
  • Significantly less post-operative pain (often only over-the-counter pain meds are required)
  • Quicker recovery and return to normal activities (1-2 weeks versus 6-8 weeks)
  • Fewer complications and less risk of infection
  • Less scarring (small, dime-sized incisions versus a 6-8 inch scar)

Advanced Pelvic Pain Care

Our institution provides world-class care and pelvic pain treatment. We are one of only three in the United States that performs surgical decompression of injured pudendal nerves, and patients from all over North America come to St. Joseph’s to have this surgery done. We are also one of the few institutions in the country to perform a laparoscopic Vecchietti procedure.

Conditions We Treat 
Our pelvic pain surgeons specialize in treating conditions such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome
  • Pelvic floor tension myalgia
  • Adenomyosis
  • Postoperative adhesions
  • Pain caused by previous pelvic surgery
  • Pudendal nerve entrapment
  • Obturator nerve neuralgia

This is just a small list of the many conditions we treat. Please speak with our office to learn more of how we can help you.

Teaching Tomorrow's Doctors

Our division is a highly respected fellowship training site for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. Our fellowship is one of 18 accredited by the American Academy of Gynecologic Laparoscopists. When you choose to have surgery by our specialists, you are choosing to have it performed by a surgeon who not only dedicates their practice solely to pelvic surgery, but who has also trained many gynecologic surgeons.        

Learn More About Our Pelvic Pain Specialists 

To learn more about our pelvic pain specialists, please call 602.406.7564.

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