Patient Video Testimonials

At St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center, Colorectal Surgery Program, we treat our patients are like family!  Our experts help with screenings, second opinions and more. Hear what our patients have to say!

Meet Kathleen


“I noticed a change in my bowel habits, but you know sometimes you are stressed, so I wasn’t too concerned about it. I was already old enough to have a colonoscopy, so we went ahead and got that scheduled to see what might be going on.  I had the colonoscopy and they found a mast; they told me I had needed surgery. I bragged it was a robotic surgery, they had me up and walking the night of the surgery and then he released me after one night.”

“It was a very difficult time and I wanted people to know what they do matters.”

“I felt like I was very well cared for.”

---- Kathleen, Patient Testimonial

Meet Rusty


"Everybody took care of my every need, they walked you through the whole thing. They don’t rush through it, they take their time and make sure you understand what’s going to take place, and I appreciated that very much.”

---- Rusty, Patient Testimonial


For More Information

The Colorectal Surgery program is located at St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center. We are in the Medical Office Building next to the hospital, north of Glendale on 99th Avenue. 

To make an appointment, call 855.972.6797.

St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center
7300 N. 99th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85307