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Colonoscopy screenings are done to detect abnormal occurrences and disease in the large intestine, or colon. The procedure is done using a long and flexible tube known as a colonoscope or endoscope to look into the crevices of the large intestine. The tube is inserted into the colon through your rectum.

During the procedure, your doctor views your bowel, rectum and other areas by suctioning, irrigating or injecting air into the bowel. This is why the prep for a colonoscopy is very important, your physician needs to ensure there are no obstructions in view during the examination. The gastrointestinal tract must be clear of any waste. Doctors are usually able to remove cancerous tissue or polyps from the colon during the procedure if the colon is clean. 

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Prior to a colonoscopy, we encourage you to visit with your physician to discuss your medical history, allergies, bleeding disorders, medications and any other existing conditions you may have. Having this information beforehand helps him/her complete a very thorough evaluation.

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    Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the US. But when found early, the survival rate is as great as 90%. Schedule a colonoscopy today.


  • Millennials at increased risk

    Colon and rectal cancer rates are rising in young adults, particularly those born after 1990. If you think you're at risk, let's talk.

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