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Dignity Health Medical Group Primary Care

Meet Sara Shihab, MD

Sara Shihab, MD,is a Faculty Provider with Dignity Health Medical Group 

She specializes in chronic illness and preventative medicine.


“I look at my patients as a whole person; their lifestyle, environment, and family history. We work together to identify goals individually and collectively. I love to listen to my patients to understand  

their barriers and help them get the care they need. 

About Dr. Shihab


She is a graduate of Al-Nahrain University School of Medicine. She is

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has additional training in critical care support.


Dr. Shihab’s specialty is compassionate care, chronic  illnesses and preventative medicine. Recognized on many occasions by her peers and clinic leaders for her quality and patient care, Dr. Shihab is committed to working with her patients to build trust and achieving care goals.


In addition to helping patients manage their chronic illnesses, Dr. Shihab manages pain in prescriptive and non-prescriptive ways as well as other clinical procedures to help reduce discomfort and improve overall health..