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Conditions Treated

Patients undergo a detailed assessment with access to all potential therapies in an optimal multidisciplinary format, including surgical resection, loco-regional (interventional radiology) therapies, systemic chemotherapy, and appropriate transplant referral when indicated.

Patients have access to the latest approved treatment options, including the new protease inhibitors, with meticulous treatment monitoring and follow-up, and the ability to participate in clinical trials of future therapies when available.

Patients are evaluated, treated and monitored based on the most current treatment protocols, which involve assessment for viral mutations and liver cancer risk assessment.

Comprehensive team management of this increasingly prevalent disease state is available to patients, including dietary management, endocrinology assessment, lifestyle counseling, and liver cancer surveillance.

Continuing assessment and therapy for patients with autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis is available, along with periodic liver biopsy surveillance and review.

Patients with cirrhosis from all causes are welcomed. We pay careful attention to dietary and lifestyle counseling, diuretic management, paracentesis, liver cancer imaging surveillance, and liver transplant evaluation/referrals.