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Expert Breastfeeding Services in Arizona

Breastfeeding is natural, but it isn’t always easy. Lactation consultants and nurses support breastfeeding families and help them solve breastfeeding challenges. 

Dignity Health offers a number of resources to help expectant mothers and their partners during pregnancy and beyond. We offer the expert guidance of lactation consultants and educators, as well as support groups and breastfeeding classes in Arizona

Learn more about the breastfeeding resources at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, and Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Reasons Breastfeeding Mothers Seek Support

Breastfeeding has its challenges. Some of the most common reasons breastfeeding services are helpful:

  • You would like help getting started with breastfeeding, learning proper positioning and how to encourage your baby to breastfeed
  • You have multiple babies
  • Your baby is fussy or is having difficulties latching on
  • You are experiencing breast or nipple pain
  • You have concerns about milk production or your baby growing
  • You would like guidance on returning to work while breastfeeding

Available Breastfeeding Services 

Breastfeeding services can be provided privately or in groups. Some of the most common breastfeeding support services include:

  • Lactation consultation. A lactation consultant is a health care provider who specializes in providing care and services to breastfeeding mothers. They often assist mothers and babies at the outset of breastfeeding, and can help families solve breastfeeding problems. During a lactation consultation appointment, the consultant works one-on-one with the family. Lactation consultants see families at home, in clinics, and in the hospital. 
  • Breastfeeding classes. Taking a breastfeeding class while you are still pregnant is a great way to prepare for breastfeeding. Classes teach the mechanics of breastfeeding, including breastfeeding positioning and biology. Instructors also help you strategize ways to avoid common breastfeeding challenges and complications.
  • In-hospital breastfeeding assistance. Nursing staff help moms and babies through the first feedings, offering instruction, guidance, and reassurance. Many of these nurses have completed training and breastfeeding certification courses.  
  • Support groups. Offered by clinics and hospitals, these groups connect breastfeeding mothers, who share challenges, solutions, and encouragement. 

Need more information? Ask your healthcare provider. Additional resources may include written materials, videos, and a list of local resources. 

Dignity Health offers a wide range of breastfeeding services and support in Arizona.