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Is Digital Overload Stressing You Out?

In October2015, Dignity Health surveyed 2,000 smartphone users across the United States,to get a peek into the personal relationship they have with their digitaldevices. From missing an exciting moment, to running into something whilewalking, to physical discomfort such as "text neck" — what we found was eye opening.

"Theillusion of smartphones is that they enable us to be continuously connected toour families and colleagues," said Dr. Gary Greensweig, vice president andchief physician executive for Physician Integration at Dignity Health. "Bycontrast, the reality is that smartphones allow us to avoid personal connectionwhich is a necessary and healing part of the human psyche."

The studyuncovered that many people start their morning routines by immediately reachingfor their devices the moment they wake up. Whether the device serves as analarm or a substitute for morning coffee, this behavior creates a risk oftechnology-related stress from the very first moments in the day. Thisinfographic reveals key findings from the study, which certainly made us think– and hopefully it inspires you to #TakeBackYourMorningas well.

Is digital overload stressing you out? New study finds Americans check their phones 134 times per day.

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