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Lane Reserved for Actual Human Interaction #TakeBackYourMorning

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? If your answer includes reaching for a mobile device, you're not alone. Thirty-two percent of Americans admit to checking their phone before saying "good morning" to a loved one.

Dignity Health launched the #TakeBackYourMorning campaign in early November, aligned with the extra hour gained from Daylight Saving Time. Our goal was to provide a poignant reminder to practice mindfulness, both internally and externally, and start off the day with a more meaningful human connection than the digital interaction we often make with our devices. It's common to think that technology brings us together, but it often has the opposite effect. It allows us to avoid personal connection – which is a necessary and healing part of life.

On November 16, 2015, Dignity Health took to the streets of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, to challenge residents to take back their mornings from their devices. Participants spoke candidly about the prominent role technology plays in their lives, with many stories concluding with the realization that they should put down their devices to make a human connection.

We asked a number of individuals to join us in taking the pledge to #TakeBackYourMorning, and we're inviting all of YOU to also join us in this pledge.

Dignity Health's Pledge To #TakeBackYourMorning:

"I promise to have a healthy relationship with my device, and find a balance in my life, and take back my morning."

Watch the video from our day in Phoenix – and #TakeBackYourMorning!

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