Six Step Program for Bariatric Surgery

Step 1. See Your Doctor

If you have made solid attempts to lose weight with the support of healthcare professionals and still have significant weight to lose, then make an appointment to talk with your primary care physician. Tell them you are considering weight loss surgery and ask their opinion. If you both agree that surgery is a good option, then ask for a referral to a bariatric surgeon. If you don’t have a primary care physician you can find one here. 

Step 2 Contact the Patient Navigator at Dominican Hospital

Their phone number is (831) 462-7597. They can inform you of upcoming educational opportunities. 

Step 3 Get a Pre-Operative Evaluation

You will receive a clinical assessment to determine if surgery is your best option, including a psychological and nutritional consultation. You may also be referred for a sleep study and you may need pulmonary and cardiac testing. “Surgery is only one component. Lifestyle changes are forever, diets are not. Strategies patients learn from the dietician will serve our patients for a long time,” said Dr. Nguyen. 

Step 4 – Pre-surgery Program

You will have regular appointments with a registered dietitian, a therapist and with your surgeon to prepare for surgery. 

Step 5 – Surgery

We will guide you on what to expect pre-surgery, during your hospitalization and prepare you for a successful discharge home.

Step 6 – Post-Operative Evaluation

You will have multiple post-operative visits with your surgeon and your registered dietitian to help you on your weight loss journey. 

If you’d like to learn more about weight loss surgery, call (831) 462-7597 to learn more.