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Orthopedic Patient Navigator

Orthopedic Patient Navigator

Having someone who can help guide you through the surgical experience from before, during and after your hospital stay is important. At Dominican Hospital, our orthopedic Patient Navigator is available to focus on you, answering any questions and providing the support you need. 

The Orthopedic Patient Navigator

  • Answer any questions before, during, and after your surgery.
  • Facilitates communication with your Total Joint Care team, including surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and care coordinators to create a care plan and support your needs during recovery.
  • Makes referrals to community resources including home health, private caregiving services, medical equipment, and other services, as needed.
  • Provide an ongoing assessment of your needs and communication any changes to your Total Joint Care team.
  • Provide basic information about private insurance, Medicare, and Medi-Cal coverage that can affect your acute and post-hospital care.
  • Register you for our Total Joint Care class or alternative education to prepare you for surgery.

Learn More About Our Orthopedic Patient Navigators

For more information about our orthopedic Patient Navigators, please call 831.462.7597. For a physician referral, call 855.489.4580 or use our search tool to Find a Doctor.