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The Gender Institute

At the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Gender Institute our goal is to deliver compassionate, high-quality, and affordable health services to transgender patients and their families. The Gender Institute is committed to providing you with a respectful environment that you deserve. From our entire hospital staff undergoing pronoun training to following the strict guidelines set by WPATH, The Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Gender Institute’s best-in-class surgeons and specialist are dedicated to the trans individual experience.

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Dignity is something everyone is born with

"Dignity" means showing respect for all people by providing excellent care and helping them lead healthy, meaningful lives.

Gender Dysphoria

At Saint Francis Memorial Hospital we understand the discomfort or distress associated with gender dysphoria. We are an advocate and here to help you through this process.


We understand each individual has different experiences and is in a different phase of their transition. Our best-in-class surgeons are here to affirm your gender identity.

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