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Podiatry Residency Academics

Residents meet the second Tuesday of each month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for Journal Club, lectures and education. Tests are given and are graded and discussed. Cumulative scores are kept to see how each resident is doing with education.

At Journal Club, a topic is assigned and related articles with original research within the past two years are distributed to the residents. The three articles are then discussed. The residency director attends each Journal Club and occasionally other attendings come as well. Journal Club attendance is mandatory every other month no matter what rotation residents are on. This allows residents who are on distant rotations to keep in contact with fellow residents and get caught up on administrative work.

Residents also meet at St. Mary's for radiology rounds. Each resident, particularly second and third year, is asked to bring cases to share and discuss.

Printable Didactic Schedule coming soon

Second and third year residents meet once a week for a specific lecture with a surgical attending, with the topics differing for each class.

R2 Lecture Schedule TBD
R3 Lecture Schedule TBD

We also have online access to Present Podiatry lectures which can be viewed anytime. These cover a wide variety of topics by podiatrists nationwide.

Each year residents are required to complete and submit a proposal for an original research proposal project along with following through on the project. This may be done alone or collectively and is due during the second half of the year.