When To See Us

If you have a limb that’s at risk of amputation, time is of the essence. Don’t wait for your problem to get worse before you see a team of experts. Our Amputation Prevention Center treats patients at all stages of the disease, but we are much more successful when we can intervene early.

Having a comprehensive medical evaluation and getting treatment as early as possible can help prevent an amputation. Get our team of experts involved as soon as there is a problem. If you’ve been receiving treatment elsewhere and aren’t seeing results, you may benefit from a new approach or a second opinion.

Visit Our Center If You Are Having Any Of These Symptoms:

  • Your foot is red and/or swollen, or you notice any bluish or black discoloration on the toes or elsewhere.
  • A foot ulcer develops. Even a new, small ulcer or blister can be a big problem, so don’t wait to see if it will heal on its own.
  • You have fever or flu symptoms with any redness, swelling, or leg or foot ulcer (this is urgent – call us as soon as the problem develops).
  • You’ve had a previous minor foot or lower limb amputation, and a new ulceration or a red and/or swollen foot develops. This is urgent – call us as soon as the problem develops.
  • You are having severe pain in your foot, particularly if it is keeping you awake at night.

Learn More About The Amputation Prevention Center

To learn more about the St. Mary’s Amputation Prevention Center, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (888) 98-WOUND.