Pain Management

Pain is a problem for almost all patients who come to St. Mary’s Spine Center. Beginning with your first evaluation, our doctors use their expertise in medications, blocks, physical treatments, and surgeries to help relieve your pain.

If you have more difficult pain problems, we have doctors and registered nurses who are specially trained in medication management to help control your pain before and after surgery and manage chronic pain. The doctors will work closely with other physicians involved in your care.

Spinal Blocks

Spinal block injections can help with both diagnosis and treatment. With fluoroscopic guidance (real-time X-rays), we can use blocks of your cervical, thoracic, and/or lumbar spine to help decrease your pain. Spinal blocks can also give you a window of opportunity to improve your flexibility and strength. Our doctors and physical therapists work together, coordinating your treatment so spinal blocks are applied at the right time.

Our nurses will help you learn about pain management before and after surgery, as well as after spinal injections.

To Schedule An Appointment

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