Spine Surgery

At St. Mary’s Spine Center, we begin by considering all non-surgical options for your treatment. In some instances, however, surgery is necessary. When it is, you can have confidence in St. Mary’s expert spine surgeons. Combined, they have more than 60 years of surgical experience.

Our Spine Center surgeons have a long history of being among the nation's pioneers in some of the latest, most innovative surgical techniques. These innovations include minimally invasive surgery developed by Spine Center surgeons. For you, this can mean less pain after surgery, a shorter hospital stay, and a quicker return to normal activity.

A Range Of Treatment Options

We offer an array surgical treatment options:

  • Mazor Renaissance: Available exclusively in the Bay Area at St. Mary’s Spine Center, the Mazor Renaissance™ guidance system supports more accurate implant placement during lumbar and thoracic spine fusions. The Renaissance is used for a wide variety of procedures, including revisions. 

  • X-Stop: Invented by St. Mary’s Spine Surgeons Dr. Ken Hsu and Dr. James Zucherman, this device offers relief to patients with spinal stenosis, a painful condition in which enlarged spine joints pinch nearby nerves. The X-Stop® is implanted in a minimally invasive procedure requiring only local anesthesia. Patients typically experience a quicker and fuller recovery. 

  • Artificial Disc Replacement:  St. Mary’s Spine Center surgeons are chosen as FDA investigators for the ProDisc® and other investigational devices. Our surgeons have done hundreds of these procedures over the last eight years and are among the most experienced physician groups in the country. 

  • I-Fuse®: The Spine Center offers this minimally invasive treatment for disabling sacroiliac (SI) pain. SI joint is a common but under-recognized cause of lower back pain that, until recently, has not been treated successfully. 

  • Motion Preservation Devices: Like disc replacements, these devices stabilize a diseased spinal segment without fusion and with a shorter, less complex recovery.

  • The Spine Center at Dignity Health St. Mary’s Medical Center, has been selected to participate in a FDA/IDE pivotal study, sponsored by Premia Spine, Ltd., studying the use of the TOPS™ System. St. Mary’s Medical Center is one of 30 spine centers throughout the U.S. taking part in the study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the TOPS™ System as an alternative to traditional lumbar fusion. Learn more about participating in the TOPS clinical study.

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