Family Medicine Doctors in Watsonville

We’ve deepened our commitment to the health of our community by moving to a new, larger, and more convenient Watsonville location. And we’re now accepting new patients.

Dignity Health Medical Group
575 Auto Center Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: 831-322-2780

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These are some of the increased safety measures in place to help protect you if you need in-person care:

  • Screenings for anyone entering our care sites.
  • Masks are required for everyone. Cloth masks are acceptable for patients and masks will be provided for patients who don’t have one.
  • Additional sanitizations for all care areas every day and between visits.
  • While non-patient visitors will remain limited, we do evaluate each case to ensure everyone's safety.

Call us today at 831.322.2780 to schedule your virtual visit or in-person appointment.

Dr. Clayton McDaniel

Clayton McDaniel, MD

My goal is to provide high quality, evidence-based and compassionate care.

Dr. Anne-Marie McDaniel

Anne-Marie McDaniel, MD

I seek to build my medical practice on the following: Compassionate and competent care: I believe that providing excellent medicine cannot happen in the absence of compassionate and kind patient-centered care. Listening and understanding are basic foundations of helping people achieve better health.  Communicated care: I value learning from patients about their concerns and health needs, while also teaching patients about their conditions and answering questions to help them be well, informed and at ease. Comprehensive care: There is a clear link between physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. I enjoy helping people pursue wellness in all these aspects of their lives. 

Dr. Robert Weber

Robert Weber, MD

Listening with compassion and understanding, honest, gentle guidance and education are all key to caring for my patients. Why I Became a Medical Provider: I enjoy using scientific knowledge and principles to help my patients better their health and quality of life. Special Clinical Interests include all aspects of Family Medicine from Newborn care to Geriatrics. 

Brenda de la Torre

Brenda De La Torre, PA

To provide compassionate care while taking a whole person approach.

Kellee English

Kellee English, PA

Patients are at the center of the care team and their values and interests need to be respected and prioritized.

Leah Yurek

Leah Yurek, NP

To educate, empower, collaborate and provide individualized care to all my patients.


Seeing you and your family now! 

Dignity Health Medical Group 
575 Auto Center Drive 
Watsonville, CA 95076 
Phone: 831-322-2780