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At Dignity Health Medical Group Dominican, we're proud to partner with CenteringPregnancy, a program that delivers a better experience and better outcomes to both women and their doctors. 

Better Care

CenteringPregnancy is patient-centered care. The visit schedule and content follow nationally recognized guidelines with flexibility and time to explore health and wellness topics that fit your needs. This leads to greater engagement, learning, and self-confidence.

Better Outcomes

CenteringPregnancy decreases the rate of preterm and low weight babies, increases breastfeeding rates, and leads to better pregnancy spacing. The program has been shown to nearly eliminate racial disparities in preterm birth. African American women, who are at higher risk for preterm birth in the US, experience lower risk of preterm birth when enrolled in CenteringPregnancy than in traditional care. 

Lower Costs

The cost of preterm birth and related conditions is more than 10x that of a healthy baby. Centering could save the healthcare system $8 billion each year by preventing preterm birth alone.

Imagine the savings that could be achieved from other emerging benefits like lower rates of gestational diabetes, improved detection and treatment of postpartum depression, improved breastfeeding, and better pregnancy spacing. Read more about CenteringPregnancy.

Learn More about CenteringPregnancy at Dignity Health Medical Group Dominican

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