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Newborn Care

Call (831) 476-3000 for more information or to make an appointment.

Having a new baby in the house is an exciting time for the entire family. At Dignity Health Medical Group – Dominican board-certified pediatricians and licensed mid-level providers are committed to delivering quality, continuous health care to your newborn through every stage of development.

Newborn Medical Appointment Information 
All newborns need to be accompanied to office visits by a parent or authorized adult caretaker. During your first office visit you should receive an immunization card. Please bring it with you to all future visits. To ensure that your newborn receives the care he/she needs, it is important that you also bring a list of questions with you to all visits, as well as, required completed pediatric pre-visit forms.  

Please allow seven working days for medication refills.

While we make every effort to accommodate late arrivals, however we may need to reschedule your appointment.

Phone Calls During Office Hours 
It is usually not possible to accurately diagnose medical conditions and offer sound advice without examining your child. If your call is regarding a rash, new condition, or sickness, an appointment is needed.

After-Hours Calls & Emergency Care 
Call after hours ONLY for urgent problems that cannot wait for regular office hours. Your providers can best address your concerns during regular office hours when they have access to your child’s chart and can examine your child.

For urgent problems, please call 831.476.3000. The answering service will take your name and number and you will receive a prompt call back from our Nurse Advice Line or the on-call doctor if appropriate.

In the case of a serious emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency department (ED):
Dominican Hospital Emergency Department 
1555 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz, California

Inform the ED staff that you are a Dignity Health Medical Group patient. They will then contact your doctor. If possible, please contact us prior to taking your child to an emergency room or an urgent care facility.

Well Child Check 
A Well Child Check (WCC) is a very important part of your child’s health. WCC appointments fill up fast. Please schedule all WCC appointments four to eight weeks in advance and bring immunization cards. During the WCC, we assess your child’s growth and development, provide anticipatory preventive health guidance, perform a complete physical examination, and administer recommended immunizations. Please bring a list of any questions you may have regarding growth and developmental issues. We briefly assess the need for follow-up of chronic medical problems. If your child has ongoing medical problems, is on medication or is followed by subspecialists, he/she will need to have a WCC annually for care continuity and physician referrals.

Well Child Check (WCC) appointments fill up fast. Please schedule WCC appointments four to eight weeks in advance.

Please visit for the most up-to-date childhood immunization schedule.