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Welcoming New Patients at Stonestown

New. Near. Now.

When you’re busy caring for everyone else, who’s caring for you? Who takes care of the little tumblers, your aspiring athlete, your parents? Who takes care of you? We do!

Welcome to Dignity Health Medical Group at Stonestown. Our pediatricians are available to see your mini-me and our family medicine/sports medicine physician is accepting new patients and will help with sprains, concussions, pulls, and tears. 

If you have health questions, we have answers. And we’d like to see you now.

Same Day Appointments Available!

Meet Our Stonestown Doctors

Dr. Katherine Milroy

Dr. Katherine Milroy  |  Video: Get to Know Dr. Milroy

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"I believe in open, equal access to all to prevent disease. When caring for children I want to be there hrough good and bad times, so they're happy and healthy."

Now seeing patients:
595 Buckingham Way, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA  94132

Dr. Julia Kuznetsova Danser

Dr. Julia Danser  |   Video: Get to Know Dr. Danser

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"I want to give parents all the tools they need to enjoy their child from birth through adulthood. We are a team, always, working toward optimum health."

Now seeing patients:
595 Buckingham Way, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA  94132

Dr. Ryan Cudahy

Dr. Ryan Cudahy  |   Video: Get to Know Dr. Cudahy
Sports and Family Medicine

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"I believe in an individual approach to every patient that comes into my office. I want them to understand their condition, from diagnosis through treatment."

Now seeing patients:
585 Buckingham Way
San Francisco, CA  94132

Learn More

To learn more or become a new patient, please call 415.379.2020 for pediatrics and 415.379.2000 for sports and family medicine.

See the list of insurance we accept.

Our Pediatricians

When your little one is sick, and you need a doctor fast, call us. We have same day appointments available! 

Sports Medicine & Family Medicine

Our sports and family medicine doctor can help keep you in the game. We have same day appointments available!