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Physician Directory

Browse the Dignity Health Medical Network directory by specialty

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*Latest version updated September, 2018 - some information may have changed. For the most updated information (location, phone number, etc) on each physician, visit our individual physician profiles below.

Primary Care Physicians

(Specialties section listed lower on page)

Family Practice

Pamela Carrington-Tribble, DO

Steven Howard, MD

Jolly Philip, MD

Ka Wai Tam, MD

Gulnara Tarpe, DO


Internal Medicine

Gary Aron, MD

Rajan Dave, MD

Mojgan Ebadi, MD

Charlotte Gonzales, MD

Amanda Howard, MD 

Pragya Jain, MD

Elizabeth Kocot, MD

Mona Litvak, MD

Khorshed Madan, MD

Martha Mejia, MD

Bernadette McKell, DO

Marie President, MD

Umesh Sab, MD


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Isabell Beddow, MD

Lori A. Bluvas, MD

Virginia Chan, DO

Beverly Joyce, MD

Rubina Khilnani, MD

Anjie Li, MD

Andrew Liu, MD

Mary Pravdin, MD

Jan T. Rydfors, MD

Dorothy Shoup, MD

Gary Toig, MD

Shih-Yee (Mimi) Wang, MD



Luis Ayala, MD

Eileen S. Chan, MD

Allen Eskenazi, MD

Avram Greenspan, MD

Aarti Nasta, MD

Joshua Parker, MD

Gina Lucy Rodriguez, MD

Amita Niki Saxena, MD

Leslie Erin Sue, DO



Elaine Date, MD

Mark Sontag, MD


Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Michael Griffin, MD


Allergy & Immunology

Andrew Engler, MD

Renu Gandhe, MD

Dean Kardassakis, MD

Brian Lipson, MD

Steven Machtinger, MD

Umesh Sab, MD

Vivian Saper, MD 


Bone Densitometry

Beth Kleiner, MD



Mara Giattina, MD

Tomoaki Hinohara, MD

Mary Larson, MD 

Jonathan Salcedo, MD

Dennis Sheehan, MD


Cardiology – Electrophysiology

Bruce Benedick, MD

Gregory Engel, MD

R. Hardwin Mead, MD

Rob Patrawala, MD

Michael Ruder, MD

Nellis Smith, MD

Donald St. Claire, Jr.,MD

Roger Winkle, MD


Cardiothoracic Surgery

Luis Castro, MD

Adam Harmon, MD



James M. Loucks, DC

Jennifer Loucks, DC

Jerry Patrignani, DC


Medical Dentistry

Inna Shturman, DDS



David Berman, MD

Jodi Bogomilsky, MD

Carie T. Chui, MD

Thomas Hoffman, MD

Marie Jhin, MD

Bruce Maltz, MD

Tara D. Miller, MD

Jon C. Starr, MD

Honor F. Stone, MD



Leila Chaychi, MD 

Grace Kim, MD



Roger Kao, MD

Cynthia Leung, MD

Scott Levenson, MD

Daniel Rengstorff, MD

James Torosis, MD

Vicky Yang, MD


General Surgery

John O’Holleran, MD

Michael O’Holleran, MD

Tobin Schneider, MD


Gynecologic Oncology

Kathleen O’Hanlan, MD


Hand Surgery

Anthony H. Nguyen, MD

James Pertsch, MD

Aileen Shieu, MD


Infectious Disease

Priyasheelta Nand, MD


Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Lisa Hwong, MD

Beth Kleiner, MD

Susan C. Marks, MD



Randolph Chen, MD

Jenny Lee, MD

Phillip Ng, MD



Lidia Brown, MD

Jeffrey Javerbaum, MD

Makoto Kawai, MD

J. Robert Wilson, MD



Leslie Hall, PhD



Ronald Greenwald, MD

Sherwin Hua, MD


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Isabell Beddow, MD

Lori A. Bluvas, MD

Beverly Joyce, MD

Rubina Khilnani, MD

Andrew Liu, MD

Mary Pravdin, MD

Anjali Rao, MD

Jan T. Rydfors, MD

Claire Serrato, MD

Dorothy Shoup, MD

Tatiana Spirtos, MD

Marina White-Nagy, MD



Alexander Pham, MD

Byron Wilson, MD



Richard Braunstein, MD

Michael Drinnan, MD

L. Scott Feiler, MD

Jacqueline Koo, MD

Nisreen Kothari, MD

James E. Tearse, MD

Ninh Tran, MD

Thomas Tyler, MD

Leslie Weil, MD



Neal M. Berger, MD

Arati M. Dunbar, MD

Paul Hughes, MD

Shabi Khan, MD

Duc Marcel Nguyen, MD

Dennis Park, MD

Walter R. Pyka, MD 



Jennifer Bock-Hughes, MD 

Theresa Gurney, MD

Christina Laane, MD

Sneh Lavingia, MD

James Wu, MD


Pain Management

Felix Chen, MD

Elaine Date, MD

Susan Kritzik, MD

David Smolins, MD

Mark Sontag, MD


Pediatric Cardiology

Michael Griffin, MD


Pediatric Ophthalmology

Kim L. Cooper, MD

Donna Ornitz, MD


Pediatric Rheumatology

Vivian Saper, MD


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Yung Chen, MD

Elaine Date, MD

Carri Jones, MD

Mark Sontag, MD


Plastic Surgery

Umang Mehta, MD

Michael Papalian, MD

Steven Struck, MD



David Kaplan, DPM

Pardis Kelly, DPM

Arman Kirakosian, DPM

Steven Klein, DPM

Bruce Lehnert, DPM

Curtis Leviant, DPM

Jonah Mullens, DPM



Melissa Lim, MD

Mojdeh Talebian, MD

Sigal Tene, MD


Radiation Oncology

Lisa Boohar, MD

Clarence Young, MD


Retinal Specialist

Luigi Borrillo, MD

Louis Chang, MD

Rahul Khurana, MD

James Palmer, MD

Mark Weiland, MD



N. Nicole Barry, MD

Umesh Sab, MD


Sleep Medicine

Michelle Jonelis, MD



Michael Margolis, MD



Dieter Bruno, MD 

Chris Threatt, MD


Vascular Surgery

Raju Gandhi, MD

Jean Gillon, MD